Still life with Chessboard III

Marcoussis Louis


Still life with Chessboard III

Obiekt niedostępny

charcoal, ink wash, paper; 63,5 × 45 cm



  • Alice Halicka (estate of the artist)
  • Galerie Der Sturm, Berlin
  • Walter Schwarzenberg, Brussels
  • Toni Stadler, Munich
  • Dr. Phil Ruprecht Kurzrock, Berlin
  • Lipert Gallery, New York (until 1991)
  • Sotheby’s London, 2017
  • Private collection, Germany


  • Le Centaure Gallery, Bruxelles (on the reverse label)

The result of the first years of experience with cubism were still lifes with a geometrized structure, in which dominated various combinations of „props”, such as chessboard, playing cards, musical instruments, a bottle of wine, a glass or a pipe. The artist was influenced by the idea of a collage building composition close to synthetic cubism. In the first decade of the 20th century, Marcoussis limited the range of colors to black, gray and brown. Even then, experiments with canvas textures were important for the artist.