LIBRA Auction House and Gallery provides “made to measure” services – tailored to the clients’ individual needs.

We specialise in Polish modern and contemporary art, that is, works of arts created at the turn of 20th century, avant-garde classics as well as the art of young generation – works brought to life in 21st century.

Art is an important part of our life, we encounter it not only whilst visiting a museum. Masterpieces should be available both in public institutions and intimate private spaces. Libra Auction House and Gallery is grounded on passion for art and collections. It has been initiated by experienced art dealers and collectors.

For over 3 years of our activity we have been ranked among the five biggest auction houses in Poland. The dynamic development is reflected not only in auctions sales but also in discreet gallery transactions, in a series of notable exhibitions and charity work.

What do you need to know about us?


Individual attitude to art and art collecting

Every year we organize 4 major auctions, each of which is preceded by thorough preparations. Such a complex approach guarantees the undeniable uniqueness of the offered works and an individual attitude to each of them. The chosen works of art are treated with due diligence and attention, tailored to satisfy the taste of individual collectors. Our focus on precisely selected offer results in high sales efficacy.

Authenticity of works

Our paramount goal is to care for the authenticity of  works appearing on the market. To verify the authenticity of the works of art, Libra Auction House and Gallery uses advanced analysis techniques and chemical expertise. Only recognized specialists, carefully selected according to classification of each work of art, cooperate with our gallery.

Accurate valuation

Thanks to the long-term record of private transactions and the analysis of auction ratings we are able to valuate every work of art, taking into account its technical condition, history and artistic virtue.

Private sales

An important pillar of our activity is private sales. This is a discreet transaction of selling or purchasing a work of art only between interested parties. The works of art offered in this procedure are not displayed to the public or gallery offer. They are destined only to selected buyers based on a personalized offer.

Individual service

Apart from selected offer of works of art, high quality individual service at every stage of purchasing and selling process is provided in either auction or discreet gallery sale procedure.
We provide our clients with a full service of the collection – from full support whilst creating it, consultancy in its development, to necessary technical assistance. We support the selection of appropriate framing, we advise on conservation care, we support the process of borrowing and transporting works, and we also provide a substantive and inventory preparation for the collection.

Auction catalogues

High quality print and graphic design, hundreds of beautiful reproductions and texts carefully prepared by art historians. The Libra Auction House catalogues are considered to be the best among the auction catalogues in Poland.

Responsible business

In practice, we implement the principles of responsible business by transferring a part of the auction commission to charity organizations. Through these activities, Libra Auction House and Gallery wants to contribute actively to the dissemination of the idea of sharing in everyday life.

  • Fundacja GESSEL dla Muzeum Narodowego w Warszawie
  • IVY Poland
  • Synapsis
  • Fundacja Wiewiórki Julii
  • Kabbalah Centre Poland
  • Towarzystwo Pomocy im. św. Brata Alberta
  • Fundacja im. Grzegorza Góraka
  • Schronisko dla bezdomnych zwierząt w Korabiewicach
  • Fundacja One Day
  • Towarzystwo Zachęty Sztuk Pięknych przy Zachęcie – Narodowej Galerii Sztuki

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